LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Health and science experts around the world want to find a drug or treatment that will stop COVID-19 before it becomes deadly. The answer might be right here in the Great Lakes state.

Dr. Bin Chen at Michigan State University is one of several scientists working to find ways to help our bodies fight the virus. Right now his lab is creating a model using and repurposing existing drugs to battle COVID-19.

He says the goal of this experiment isn’t to kill the virus as soon as it enters the body.
But if successful, Chen says these drugs would prevent the virus cells from replicating or from damaging other healthy cells.

Chen also says there needs to be more research and more trials, which could take months.

“We’re using existing data to understand how this virus works in the cell,” Chen explains. “When the virus enters the cell, it will recruit other components of the human cell to survive and replicate. So we’re trying to find a drug to block this process.”

While scientists work through those clinical trials, Chen says it’s extremely important to listen to your physicians. They can recommend the best treatment options for you if you test positive for the virus.