EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A new study from Michigan State University’s College of Nursing is looking for participants with a history of breast cancer.

The study aims to learn how light therapy affects post-treatment symptoms and well-being in breast cancer survivors. Those who partake in the study can receive up to $200 for their contribution.

To qualify for the study, participants must be female, ages 21 and older.

Additionally, study participants must be one to three years post-completion of chemotherapy and radiation for stage I to stage III breast cancer.

Participating in the study will include the following:

  • One screening visit
  • Home-based light therapy (30 minutes, once a day for two weeks)
  • Three overnight visits to a sleep center (snack and breakfast will be provided)
  • Survey and testing

Interested? Call (517) 884-4646, or email wuhorngs@msu.edu.