LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Women who bravely fought to return and rescue art and other cultural treasures stolen by Nazis in World War II are being recognized in a new way.

Six students created an exhibit and took us back in time to a place representing so much hurt and highlighting all of the good that was being done.

It’s called “Hidden Heroes: Women of the War.” It raises awareness and honors the lives of the 27 women who helped preserve monuments, fine arts, and archives.

Students combined slideshows, data visuals, and audio storytelling to tell the women’s stories. They also used the 360 Degree Visualization Room at the MSU Library to share pictures and biographies of each.

One student who worked on the project said the month’s long work to honor them was more than worth it in the end.

“You hear the stories of the men who went out into the field and who were collecting these pieces of art, but you don’t always hear of the people who were working with them,” MSU Student Oliviah Brown said. “We wanted to show them off and put a story to the pictures and a story to the work that they created.”

Exhibit organizers said these women played a vital role in the post-war era and reinstituted almost four million stolen objects.