EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Michigan State University’s Board of Trustees voted to increase room and board costs by 2.9% for the next academic year.

That means the average cost of room and board next year is $10,990 for incoming freshman

Second-year students would see a similar package for $10,676, unchanged from this year’s rates.

University officials said housing has seen a spike in costs caused by inflation, with some operating costs increasing by 35%.

Students who have plans to live on campus said this change is unwelcome news.

“Our tuition already covers things we don’t all use such as cab services, the gym stuff like that so I think raising it more isn’t really necessary or fair to us,” said student Leah Delbene.

“It is difficult being a student and being charged so much already. And having to take out loans for that in addition to the tuition, so it being raised next year is not surprising but it is going to make it hard for students in the long run,” said student Morgan King.

The Board also voted to increase university apartment rates by nearly 2% next year.

Officials said even with the rate increase, Michigan State University is still competitive compared to other Michigan and big ten schools.