LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With Name, Image and Likeness changing college athletics by allowing student-athletes to get paid, Michigan State’s Jayden Reed and Xavier Henderson are using it to give back.

Next Gen Camps partnered with the two and hosted a youth football camp at Lansing Everett High School on Sunday.

Athletes ranging from 8 to 18-year-olds came out to learn from the Spartan duo, and made sure to ask a number of questions.

“Jayden’s the star so they were asking him most of the questions,” Henderson said jokingly. “One kid was like ‘Hey Jayden, is your back O.K?’ I was like good question. Stay away from the benches.”

Reed missed the game versus Washington due to a cut on his back and Henderson has missed every game since a leg injury in the season-opener versus Western Michigan.

Having battled personal adversity, with injuries this season, and the team currently on a two-game losing streak, the two appreciated their time teaching the youth.

“These guys look up to me. I’ve been in their shoes at one point. I just love doing this stuff,” Reed said. “Just in general, being out here is a good thing. Seeing these kids have fun, put a smile on their face put a smile on my face.”

Henderson said, “I’ve been in Lansing, this is my fifth year and it’s my first time really coming to a high school. So it was cool.”