Nassar survivors confront MSU Board of Trustees


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) It was a controversial Michigan State University Board of Trustees meeting this morning, where Larry Nassar survivors confronted the board for several reasons.

Name after name, one by one, survivors of Larry Nassar’s abuse were recognized at today’s meeting.

“Our first obligation is to help them recover and become whole,” said MSU Interim President Satish Udpa.

But some survivors and their parents say actions speak louder than words.

“So many people said today, everything you say is for the media,” said Lynne Erickson, whose daughter is a survivor of Larry Nassar’s abuse.

Erickson spoke out alongside her daughter Ashley today.

“Our request for reimbursement of Ashley’s therapy and counseling from July of 2018 was denied,” said Erickson.
They say enough is enough.

“I’m sick of having emotional nights with my mom, getting denied once again,” said Ashley Erickson.

The Healing Assistance Fund, meant to pay for counseling services for Larry Nassar survivors, was shut down last summer due to fraud concerns.

An intermediate one is now up and running, but Ashley and many other survivors say they’re still not getting the help they need.

MSU Board Chairwoman Dianne Byrum says they’re currently looking into the issue.

“All of the denied claims that are out there are being reviewed and you will be hearing back from the university,” said Byrum.

She wants survivors to know the trustees do want to help.

“It’s our intention to be paying those claims,” said Byrum.
But Ashley says she’s sick of being pushed aside.

“They’re saying one thing, and their intent is to pay, but yet, I mean we’re on deny, deny, deny, and we’re just being let down over and over again,” said Ashley Erickson.

ORIGINAL: Survivors of Larry Nassar’s abuse, and their parents, continue to tell their stories at MSU’s Board of Trustees meeting.

Controversy filled Michigan State’s campus this morning, as Nassar survivors confronted the Board of Trustees. 

6 News spoke with a survivor of Larry Nassar’s abuse and her mother after the meeting.

They say they feel like their cries continue to fall on deaf ears and they want the help from the university.

That’s something, they say,  they were promised.

The Board of Trustees set up an intermediate fund at the end of February, meant to pay for counseling services for survivors of Nassar’s abuse.

This fund is in place until a permanent one is set up.

The school shut down a previous $10 million fund because of fraud concerns but survivors say they’re still not getting the help they need.

“I sat next to a window in my home looking outside just trying to put my thoughts together about how I felt because of all of this. The last three years have been so difficult for my daughter, for all of us,”  said Lynne Erickson, a mother of a Nassar abuse survivor.

This all comes just one day after MSU student Bailey Kowalski came forward saying three MSU basketball players sexually assaulted her four years ago.

No charges have been brought against those players and she refuses to name them.

She has, however, filed a lawsuit against MSU.

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