National study shows water contamination may be more far-reaching


A new study released last week by the Environmental Working Group shows PFA’s contamination in the the country may be more far-reaching than previously reported.

According to the study, EWG scientists believe PFAS is likely detectable in all major water supplies in the U.S

Right now there is no enforceable standard for what can be considered safe water. Scientists with EWG say standards should be set as low as 1 point per trillion. The EPA recommends setting the standard at 70 points per trillion.

“The EPA guideline actually uses what EWG believes is some outdated science and it only looks at two of the compunds,” says EWG science analyst Sydney Evans. “The are hundreds, thousands maybe in use that have the potential to contaminate water…People might be shocked at that low level when EPA says 70 points per trillion is safe. But EWG does not believe, based on the latest science that that’s health protective.”

The state of Michigan is finalizing setting its own standard and are asking people for input. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is taking public comment on what the water rules will be in the state.

Local environmental leader, Cyndi Roper with the Natural Resources Defense Council said she wants people to know they can have their voices heard until January 31st.

“Once those standards are final they way it will impact them is that public water will have to remove PFA’s down to the level that is set in these rules,” she said. The numbers really matter because the amount of PFA’s that will be left will be based on these numbers. That’s why it’s important for people to weigh in.”

Public comments can be emailed to:

You can also send a text message to 21333 and type PFAS to submit your comments.

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