LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — There’s a new mutation of Omicron, and doctors at Sparrow hospital say early research shows it’s significantly easier to get.

“It’s 25 percent to 30 percent more infectious than the other variants,” said Vice President of Quality and Performance Improvement at Sparrow Hospital, Dr. Paul Entler.

It’s raising new concerns from doctors even as cases were starting to slow down a month ago.

“With this being even more transmissible it’s likely that we are going to see, you know we saw a lot of cases in December, January. I think we will see significantly more cases,” said Dr. Entler.

As of right now, Sparrow hospital says they are seeing small but steady spikes in cases.

“We’re definitely in the beginning of a small surge and you know with this surge it appears it’s going to be quite swift,” added Dr. Entler.

The hope is just like previous variants this round remains less severe, but doctors at Henry Ford Health say it’s too early to tell.

“We’re into the time of year where immunity that folks have had from that surge we had back in the winter has waned,” said Vice President of Population Health at Henry Frod Allegiance Health, Dr. Courtland Keteyian. “So I think there is kind of a false sense of security. People think they are immune and they really are not anymore.”

Experts say they’ve seen a rise in other respiratory illnesses. That’s why doctors agree it’s important to get a test.

“I hear this all the time, that my allergies have flared up right or I just had a little cold. There is no way to know if it’s Covid or not unless you get test. You have to be tested,” said Dr. Keteyian.

The good news is hospitals continue to have more tools to fight the disease with more to come. 

“More robust vaccines to protect against this, but then what’s called a garden variety, so it would actually be able to do a little bit more coverage than our previous vaccines,” said Dr. Entler.