LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The 148 lawmakers working under the dome for the next two years are a diverse lot coming from all sorts of backgrounds.

Not only do females hold the top three jobs in the state of governor, attorney general and secretary of state, but there are 45 women in the Michigan House, or 40% of the body. 40% of the state senate are females.

According to the Bridge Newsletter, 52% of House members come from local government and education, and 45% in the senate share the same background.

  • 17 Lawmakers are former teachers
  • 25 come from the business sector
  • 13 have a military background
  • 12 come from agriculture

80% of House members and 90% of the senate have a college education and one-third of those have an advanced degree on top of that.

There are seven gay members in both chambers and due to new voting district lines, there are 17 Black members which is down from the 20 who served in the last term.

47% of all members are between 41 and 60 years old and 18% are over the age of sixty.

This diverse group gets down to your business next week.