New Mid-Michigan fireworks shop busy this holiday


LESLIE, Mich. (WLNS)— With Memorial Day tomorrow, a new Mid-Michigan business is booming. Literally! From neon sparkles to super candle fireworks and more, you can find it at all at Fox Fireworks right off U.S. 127 on the Leslie exit.

The locally owned business open its tent early this month. The owner Joseph Fox says there’s something special about bringing people together with fireworks.

“We’re excited to see it get better everyday. We’ve been having more and more people locally stop by and check it out so it’s been really exciting,” said Fox. “It’s always like a family event, you get together you have a bbq and then your uncle brings some fireworks over and then you have a good evening. It’s really memorable for kids, so I think that that’s what I like so much about it.”

For his business partner Stephanie Aust, teaching people about fireworks is her favorite part.

“I like talking to customers about the different compounds and color compounds and chemistries that cause the effects up in the sky that they see. I think it’s neat and I hope I can get people enthused about the actual science behind it,” said Aust.

Aust is also a Navy Veteran. She says she wants everyone to enjoy Memorial Day but also remember the meaning behind it.

“I just want people this holiday to focus on the fact that it’s not always about the fireworks and stuff and it’s all about our military that did not come home and is not here to celebrate,” Aust said.

They’re also reminding everyone to be respectful of Veterans that may live nearby.
“If you know that you live near a veteran that you maybe want to run it by them before you start lighting fireworks and be cautious about who’s around you,” Fox said.

“If you live by veterans please be respectful. There are a lot of us that don’t handle explosions well. And it comes with the patriotism, they’re the reason you’re celebrating so just you know be respectful.” Aust said.

They also say to make sure you’re being safe when using fireworks.

“Make sure you read all the safety labels on the product, make sure you’re watching the kids when they’re doing sparklers, and then you know the big stuff let dad light it,” Fox said.

The state law only allows people to legally fight off fireworks the Saturday and Sunday before Memorial Day until 11:45.

Fox Fireworks plans to host a 4th of July event, with live music, food, and of course fireworks.

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