6 News Exclusive: New poll shows four Democrats top Trump in Michigan


Four Democrats running for president have a lead over President Donald Trump for the battleground state of Michigan, according to a new poll.

The exclusive 6 News poll of 600 voters by EPIC-MRA shows Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris would outlast Trump if the election were held today.

The results

Joe Biden, the former Vice President, has the largest margin over Trump. His 51-41 lead has him over the current president by 10%.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts leads Trump by 6% – 49 to 43%.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont leads Trump by 4% – 48 to 44%.

Senator Kamala Harris of California leads Trump by 3% – 46 to 43%.

Eight percent of voters were undecided in the Biden, Warren, and Sanders matchups. Eleven percent were undecided in the Harris race.

Of the president and the four potential contenders, the poll shows that Biden not only has the highest “favorable” ratings, he’s also the only one whose favorable ratings are higher than his unfavorables.

Favorable vs. Unfavorable

  • Trump: 40-53%
  • Biden: 48-37%
  • Warren: 31-36%
  • Sanders: 42-45%
  • Harris: 25-35%

Kamala who?

While Trump (100%), Biden and Sanders (99%) are well-known to Michigan residents, the poll shows that 16% didn’t know Warren is and 22% didn’t recognize Harris.

Trump and the eventual Democratic candidate are sure to make Michigan and its 16 electoral votes a priority in the 2020 election. Trump, who put the state in the Republican column for the first time since 1988, only won Michigan by about 10,000 votes out of some 4.5 million total ballots cast.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%.

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