New poll shows voter support for Governor Whitmer during pandemic


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– The Detroit Regional Chamber released results from a new poll that shows more than 60 percent of voters support Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s actions during the pandemic.

The poll tested 600 voters, from around the state, with questions about the Governor’s actions, safety going back to work and even if they were a mask out.

The poll shows that 63.7% of voters approve of the Governor, with 44.7% who strongly approve. There are 32.2% of voters who do not approve, and 25.3% strongly disapprove.

The numbers are quite different when it comes to political party. While the governor has more than 60 percent approval, only about 19 percent of those people say they’re Republican.

  • 70.4% of voters who identify as Strong Republican believe the COVID-19 threat has been exaggerated, compared to 32.2% of all voters. 
  • 60.7% of Strong Republican voters believe the economic damage is worse than the illness, compared to 21.7% of all voters.   

While some businesses have reopened, like construction and manufacturing, many are still unemployed, and eager to get back to work. 66.1% of workers feel safe going back to work, while 32.7% of workers do not.

When it comes to wearing a mask:

  • 80.7% said they wear a mask when they go out.  
  • 11% said they do not wear a mask.  
  • 7.8% said they sometimes wear a mask.

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