New proposal launches reproductive rights debate


A woman’s right to choose is up for debate at the State Capitol and the Governor is taking action.

This morning Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Democratic lawmakers in the state house, unveiled the ‘Michigan Re-Productive Health Act’

The goal is to bring Michigan law in line with “Roe Vs. Wade”

While they say this is an effort to protect health care for women, not everyone agrees.

“Anybody who had an doubts on where she stood on abortion is very clear now. Anybody who thinks she is a moderate, should not be mistaken on that any longer. She is not a moderate on abortion, she is a radical pro-abortion Governor.”said Genevieve Marnon, Legislator Director Right To Life Michigan.

Harsh words today in reaction to new pro-choice legislation introduced today at the state capitol.

Genevive Marnon represents Michigan Right to Life and says she is shocked by the action of House Democrats and Governor Whitmer.

“I don’t think the majority of Michigander’s are okay with 3rd trimester abortions. I don;t think they are okay with ripping babies limb from limb.” Marnon added.

But Governor Whitmer says she’s taking proactive steps to make sure women have that ability to make their own decision.

“They’ve already passed a bill to ban a safe procedure that has saved women’s lives and as they know. I’m going to veto those bills if they ever have the backbone to send them to my desk” Governor Gretchen Whitmer, D-Michigan.

Marnon says the fight against this is under-way.

Right now Michigan right to life is collecting signatures to ban a form of late term abortion.

“The Michigan constitution allows a provision for citizens to initiate legislation that does not involve the Governor. With the simple majority in the house and the senate, we can pass a dismemberment abortion that is not subjective to her veto.” said Marnon

Governor Whitmer says her veto pen shouldn’t be the only line of defense for women’s rights.

She says Michigan’s outdated abortion laws need to be brought up to date.

“When it comes to making decisions about our reproductive health care here in Michigan .. a woman’s decision should be based on medical facts, not political rhetoric or ideology.” Governor Whitmer added.

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