ALLENDALE, Mich. (WLNS) — Grand Valley State University’s Multimedia Journalism Program grows as they introduce a new radio station for students to take advantage of.

The station is called WLSX 900 AM radio. The “LS” in the title represents Lake Superior, the building where the station will be located on GVSU’s campus. WLSX is operated by the School of Communications.

WLSX is where introduction to radio students start with a hands on broadcasting experience. Students are getting a head start to a real life career in the classroom along with getting the chance to explore their on air personalities.

“My hope is that students will take the class and decide they have an interest in this field, and will also have a passion for the varied programming. If you want to express your creativity, please go to the student radio station and do that too.”

Len O’ Kelly, Associate Professor of Multimedia Journalism and the stations programmer

The station will offer a format of 1980s and 1990s music says Len O’ Kelly, Associate Professor of Multimedia Journalism and the Stations Programmer. It also serves as a way the campus can better communicate by providing listeners with GVSU information.

The stations reach is limited to the Allendale campus to properly meet FCC provisions for a low-power unlicensed operation.

O’Kelly looked for opportunities to file for an FM station for years, but they never materialized. Prospects looked slim with a fairly local FM dial.

“The 900 frequency is a clear one in West Michigan with no interference,” O’Kelly said.

The radio station will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will be coming soon to the web at

Students can add their experience with radio to their resume when applying to jobs after college.

“WLSX is designed to be much more like what a student would experience either going into a internship or even going into a first part-time job, O’Kelly said. “It’s more of a real-world feel.”