New research shows significant progress towards effective Covid-19 vaccine


New research from US drug maker Pfizer shows, its Covid-19 vaccine is 90 percent effective in preventing the virus. Doctors here in Michigan like Infectious Disease Specialist Vivek Kak say, this is a significant and encouraging sign.

“The numbers are actually much better than I expected. So that’s one thing. It will be more interesting to see data in terms of side effects,” said Infectious disease specialist for Henry Ford Allegiance Health, Dr. Vivek Kak.

Dr. Kak has studied infectious diseases for more than two decades. He says, this process is moving much faster than usual, and when the vaccine does become available he wouldn’t hesitate to take it.

“I’ve been volunteering for all the vaccination trials that I could.”

He adds he feels it’s something he has to try, despite the risks.

“There are going to be side effects from the vaccines, and I suspect there are going to be serious side effects from a minority of individuals. All vaccines have side effects. The issue tends to be the risk benefit.”

There are still several other questions yet to be answered, including how long the vaccine is effective for?

“Is the 90 percent protection? Is it for 3 months, six months or is it a year? Or even longer,” said Dr. Kak.

That we still don’t know. Another big question remains is who will get the vaccine first and when?

“Realistically, December for first responders, probably sometime later January, February, March is when is going to be the high risk, and as it goes up the rest of the population not before summer hits,” said Dr. Kak.

Every vaccine study has a safety monitoring board, and experts also say the recent data should be enough to get an emergency use authorization. From there, it will come down to production, and how many are ready for distribution.

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