New study shows one in three Michigan residents are considered obese


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Trust for America’s Health just released “The State of Obesity” annual report for 2018.

“We’ve been publishing an annual report for sixteen years, and regrettably each year, we see the numbers have gone up higher and higher,” said Trust for America’s Health CEO, John Auerbach.

According to the study, national numbers for obesity are on the rise.

“Nationwide, we saw the number go up this year, and most states had a higher number than previous years,” Auerbach.

One of those states, is Michigan. From 2017 to 2018, Michigan jumped from 32.3% to 33%. It may not seem like a big jump, but Michigan is already slightly over the national average of 30.9%.

Auebach says there are many factors that play into the rising obesity numbers so it’s hard to pinpoint just a few.

“A greater likelihood that neighbors will have fast food restaurants and that the food and fast food restaurants will be less expensive,” said Auerbach.

The study shows that it’s not just food that impacts rising numbers.

“At the core of our findings, it is that the social and economic conditions in peoples lives and the neighborhoods in which they live, are the key factor in determining, whether you’re going to be obese or not,” said Auerbach.

He added that there are many general findings that can increase the probability of people being obese. For example, people living in rural areas or low income neighbors are more likely to be obese.

Auerbach says that if programs were to be implemented to help combat the rising obesity issues, each state and local community would have to have their own specially designed programs based on their situation. Whether that’s income, population or race, each community would have to have different assistance programs.

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