DETROIT, Mich. (WLNS) — The Michigan Department of Transportation along with their partners at Airspace Link is hosting a virtual town hall meeting Wednesday, to show how the state is preparing for the future of transportation.

This meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and will include a discussion of the progress of their unmanned Aerial Corridor Feasibility Analysis Project, which will provide a blueprint for the safe integration of commercial drone skyways in Michigan.

Michigan’s Economic Development Corporation and the Office of Future Mobility will provide a deeper dive into this study of new aerial technologies across Michigan.

One of the technologies includes new advanced air mobility with vertical take-off and landing air crafts that are currently in the certification process.

The study also looked into drones, which are most commonly used for package delivery.

However, officials say current regulations don’t allow for drones to be flown out of the operator’s sight.

MDOT says they’re excited to be working through their feasibility analysis of what type of technology and infrastructure can be put into place, to allow this type of activity throughout Michigan.

The analysis looks at the integration of the infrastructure, a combination of better communication networks, radar coverage, and the improvement of 5G networks.

MDOT is also currently working with other stakeholders such as the Federal Aviation Administration on improving communication with these drones.

Officials say drones have positive economic, social, and environmental impacts as fewer trucks are on the roads burning fossil fuels. Officials also say drones provide the means for more efficient deliveries.

According to MDOT, drones can reach everyone in the state that might not have access to public transportation.

Wednesday’s virtual meeting will focus on the infrastructure MDOT can invest in, to allow for these operations to happen.

Officials hope by the end of the study they can start the approval process.

You can register for the virtual town hall by clicking here.