EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – All five MSU students wounded in Monday night’s horror remain at Sparrow Hospital.

Four are in critical condition and one no longer needs critical care.

The Chinese Consulate in Chicago confirmed that two of the victims are from China.

One of the five is a graduate of Okemos high school.

“He was shot in the chest. He seems to be doing a remarkable job recovering. He’s up, he’s awake. I heard last night he’s taken a few steps. Some tubes have been removed. He’s able to speak, talk, he’s returned a few texts to his friends,” said his former professor Mitch Robinson.

Robinson did not release the name of the student, but said he’s on the mend and making a remarkable recovery after undergoing a three-hour surgery

Another victim is a 2020 graduate of Hartland High School in Livingston county.

The district’s superintendent did not name the student but said they were critically injured. He asked people to please keep the family in their thoughts and prayers.

Guadalupe Huapilla Perez was injured as well. According to a GoFundMe page, she is a junior studying hospitality business.

She is also a member of the College Assistance Migrant Program, which helps migrant workers get a college education.

During Thursday’s press conference, they also released the ages of the victims who passed away.

“Arielle Anderson was 19 years old, Brian Fraser was 20 years old, and Alexandria was also 20 years old,” said Chris Rozman, the MSU Interim Deputy Chief of Police.

Police also had more information about the suspect.

43-year-old Anthony McRae had two nine-millimeter handguns on him when he took his own life.

They say those guns were bought legally but they were not registered.

He also had eight magazines and other ammo along with a list of businesses, a church, and a school in New Jersey.

“Two LPD officers made contact with the shooter, approximately 20 ft. from McRae. They exited their vehicle, ordered him to show his hands, however, he produced a weapon and killed himself,’ said MSP Lt. Gonzalez.

MSP says when they located McRae, they believe he was headed home.