OLIVET, Mich. (WLNS) — Two farmers in Olivet who chained themselves to equipment to try and stop an oil pipeline from going through their property are doubling down.

Siblings Lisa and Richard Midlam, co-trustees of Midlam Family Farms, say they’re fighting back after they saw constructions crews on the outskirts of their property, getting ready to install a gas pipeline.

“I grabbed a couple of long chains this morning, I says we are going down and hooking on to the machinery,” Richard Midlam told 6 News on Tuesday.

Fast-forward a day later, and the Midlam siblings say they’re back out and chained to the equipment, but this time with more protection.

The farmers have now parked a tractor and haybine to block off the property line.

Olivet farmers have parked equipment to block crews from coming through

They also said they want to clarify that it’s not the actual pipeline itself they are protesting, they said that’s vital.

What they want is the Michigan Gas Utility to uphold their ‘original agreement’ and to following the existing pipeline route that would not hinder the properties.