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Managing personal finances is a stress most people are faced with. From mortgages to car payments to debt, it can be a lot to handle. Here in Mid-Michigan there is a new tool ready to help ease minds.

“Everybody can use some tips about how to better manage their money. It’s something we all struggle with, and we see this as an opportunity to provide that resource to the entire community,” said Community Solutions Director for the United Way in Jackson, Bethany Stutzman.

Today Stutzman, and her team partnered with CP Federal Credit Union to unveil a new online resource to help people everywhere get on a better track towards financial freedom.

“One of the resources that this tool can really help with is it also gives tips on ways that you can save money, or targets of what percentage of your budget for housing versus food versus utilities, and sometimes having those tools, and targets can really help you figure out ways to get, and save money in your budget,” said Stutzman.

The resources are endless, and include anything from budget calculators to online coaches, to help with managing debt. It is all designed to be interactive, and as easy as possible.

“I think sometimes we see that people, and financial literacy is hard to talk about, and so going to a class is hard, and intimidating, and having something available that’s really easy to get to could be very beneficial for many in our community,” said Director of Finance Education at CP Federal Credit Union, Sheila Troxel.

Stuzman hopes the site gives people a new sense of confidence.

“It’s just more tools in their tool box to be able to kind of further themselves along that path to financial freedom.”
Here is a link to the new tool.

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