LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A bill that would allow organs from HIV-positive donors to be transplanted into other HIV-positive patients cleared the State House by unanimous vote on Thursday.

Right now, state law prevents organs from HIV-positive donors from being used in transplants. House Bill 4521 would bring Michigan in line with the federal HIV Organ Policy Equity Act, or HOPE Act, from November of 2013.

According to the State House Committee on Health Policy, Gift of Life Michigan reportedly already recovers organs from HIV-positive donors. Those organs are then shipped out of Michigan to help patients in other states where they can be used. This bill would allow those organs to benefit patients in Michigan.

House Bill 4521 now goes to the Michigan Senate for consideration.

Also on Thursday, the State House overwhelmingly approved a bill banning discrimination in organ transplants based on disability.

House Bill 4762 would prevent doctors from refusing to perform organ transplant services or reducing a patient’s priority on the organ transplant waiting list due to physical or mental impairment. That bill is also headed to the State Senate.