EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Dozens of parents and college students frustrated with online learning came to Michigan State University’s campus Saturday for a rally. They want Michigan Universities and Colleges to offer 100% of their classes in-person in the fall.

“We’re paying a lot of money for that education, and I do not feel we’re getting our money’s worth,” said Suzie Reider, mother of an MSU student.

Mary Sucor says her child has a learning disability and providing her with a quiet, controlled environment to focus on her online courses and take exams is hard.

“When did it become my job to provide my daughter her accommodations? I’m trying to do my best by posting signs outside the door that she’s recording or test taking, but I still can’t stop the neighbors from doing their own daily lives,” she said.

Reider says it’s harder for her son to get to know his professors.

“I think face-to-face education is so important because you truly get to understand who that person is. I just think they’ve been short-changed in that regard,” said Reider.

Come fall of 2021, MSU will offer 75% of their classes in person, 10% less than what they offered before the pandemic started. University of Michigan will also offer 80% of their classes in person next fall.

An MSU spokesperson says a number of students want them to offer more online courses during the fall and spring semester so they can work, complete internships, and study abroad.

Some students say they’re eager to get back in the classroom but wants schools to reopen safely.

“It’s a process that we need to figure out. We need to just listen to the science as best we can, get vaccinated, and do what we need to do so we can reopen. We can’t just open the flood water like that,” said Sean Reider.