EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Beginning Monday, Patriarche Park in East Lansing will be closed for a major project.

The project will include a complete reconstruction of all the parks’ sports courts, with a focus on safety and accessibility.

Part of the approximately $950,000 project will include redoing the tennis, basketball, and pickleball courts, which have been at the park for approximately 70 years.

Officials say the courts are in very poor shape and have gone too long without the proper repairs. Some of the visible damage on the courts includes cracks.

For the safety of the public, the City of East Lansing decided to come together on this project so the park could be usable once again.

“Since their construction, they really haven’t received a whole lot of extensive repairs, so the surfaces are cracked and they’re heaving. On the basketball court, the foundation of the backstops are actually lobbying in and out of the ground. The fence that’s around the facility is in real poor condition, so these courts are really well beyond their useful lives.”

Wendy Wilmers Longpre, Assistant Director East Lansing Parks, Recreation & Arts

The sports court area at the park will include 10 fenced pickleball courts, one tennis court, a full-sized basketball court, a picnic area, and a detention basin rain garden.

The Patriarche Park Pickleball Association was a huge contributor to the project, raising $160,000.

The project is also being funded by a $300,000 Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grant and allocations from East Lansing’s Income Tax Fund. 

Another huge focus of the project is on ensuring the park is more accessible to people who are disabled.

“Another big thing we are looking at with this park is we focus on handicap accessibility. So we ensure that there are hard surface pathways to all of the different amenities, that there is easily identified parking for those with physical limitations, that there are ways for people with different abilities to participate in the activities.”

Wendy Wilmers Longpre, Assistant Director East Lansing Parks, Recreation & Arts

The project is expected to be completely finished by the spring of 2023.