JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—There’s a well of problems brewing beneath the Cascades lagoons in Jackson. It’s in this area where around 16 acres of water sits on the surface, but underneath high water levels are leading to damages to nearby homes of people like Elaine Wolf-Baker.

“I have three sump pumps and I have ten helical piers to try and keep the home from settling which is not working,” said Wolf-Baker.

She says neighbors who also live close by are seeing cracks in their walls and foundation, and when it rains it gets worse.

“Because of the high ground water any kind of significant rain has nowhere to go because the ground is already saturated,” said Wolf-Baker.

It’s a problem Jackson County engineer Amelia McElhinney is working on nearly everyday to solve. She says her research shows that rainfall is adding to a culvert blockage. That’s why plans are in place to clear out old debris and lower a plate that holds six to seven inches of water each year.

“They decided that moving forward to follow the time line and the steps to do the full body drudging as well as lowering that plate to get us back to an optimum park and then hopefully something that brings some alleviation to the residents,” said McElhinney.

It’s going to be a multi-year process and one she hopes brings new life to the park.

“To where the water is healthier, where we can potentially support fish life, vegetation.”

Wolf-Baker calls that good news, but she wants the county to look deeper into the damage already done. It’s something she says isn’t happening.

“It’s been the major problem in my life for you know at least four or five six years.”

At this time there is no official start date as permits must be admitted first.