JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Jackson High School is praising law enforcement for a quick response after a hoax school threat was made to 911 dispatch, prompting officers from several departments to search the school.

“The response from local law enforcement was overwhelming. They were here when 911 called me. That’s how quickly the turnaround is,” said Jackson Superintendent, Jeff Beal.

While school grounds are empty now Jackson police chief Elmer Hitt says the department first learned about the threat from 911 dispatch.

“They (officers) received a call of a possible shooting at Jackson High School indicating that two subjects were shot inside the school,” said Hitt.

Police and Jackson superintendent Jeff Beal says like others made to school across the state, the call turned out not to be legitimate. It was a hoax call from an unknown Google number.

“This was a 911 call. A call that was made to 911 from an internet phone number, and that’s how it was described to me from 911 as it went there and the threat was vague enough it said hey, I’m a substitute teacher, I’m in a room number,” said Beal.

Hitt says the school was on lockdown while they did a search of the school.

District leaders say they are reassured by how prepared the police were.

“Every second counts and so for them to come in and go, we’re going into the building prepared for whatever happens that’s good for Jackson,” said Beal. 

Students were released at 10 a.m. Both the school and police say there will be more debriefs in the coming days.