PAW PAW, Mich. (WLNS) — Monday was the first day of the “Click It or Ticket” campaign with Michigan State Police, and officials across the state stayed busy.

Police officers from local departments, sheriff’s offices and MSP will enforce seat belt use for the three-week campaign.

The campaign will go through Memorial Day weekend, ending on June 4.

While patrolling in Kalamazoo and Van Buren counties, MSP Fifth District made 32 traffic stops.

Troopers doled out 15 tickets, 12 of which were for drivers who were not buckled up.

Officials also gave out 18 verbal warnings and arrested one person who was wanted by law enforcement.

Data from 2022 found that in Michigan, most people were buckled up when they get into a crash which makes a difference when it comes to injuries.

Those who use seatbelts walked away from most of their crashes without any injuries, but people who don’t use seatbelts are 60 times more likely to get killed, and are more likely to get injured in more than half of car crashes.

Troopers said the reason people still don’t use seatbelts is because of common mistakes that people still make when they think about road safety.

A bigger car will not a notable difference in an accident. In fact, more than half of all pick-up drivers are not wearing belts when they die, which is more than any other type of car.

Those sitting in the backseat are also at risk, as unbuckled passengers in the back are more likely to die in an accident than people riding in the front seat without one.

Geography can also factor into the likelihood of one using their seatbelt. State police said that the Jackson area is below the national average, but Lansing drivers almost always wear one.

Troopers will give drivers $65 dollar tickets if they are stopped for not wearing a seatbelt.

Officials have some guidelines for staying strapped in to your car:

  • The lap belt and shoulder belt are secured across the hips and shoulder, which are more able to withstand crash forces than other parts of your body.
  • Place the shoulder belt across the middle of your chest and away from your neck.
  • The lap belt rests across your hips, not your stomach.
  • NEVER put the shoulder belt behind your back or under an arm.