Political analysts react to Trump and Clinton debate


HEMPSTEAD, NY (WLNS) – Monday night’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was anything but friendly.

It was the first time the two have debated on-stage together.

The candidates covered everything from jobs, to boosting the American economy, corporate taxes fighting terrorist and President Obama’s birth certificate.

Donald Trump says that he was victorious but CBS News analysts believe otherwise.

Political observers say that Trump’s performance was uneven, but they also stated that Clinton was “less-than-stellar” during the debate.

Political commenters forecast that Monday’s debate may not sway many voters.

Michigan State University director for Public Policy and Social Research Dr. Matt Grossman says that at this point most Americans have already made their minds up on who they want to see in the White House.

As it relates to who was the stronger candidate during Monday night’s discussion, Dr. Grossman says only one candidate remained consistent.

“You probably have to declare Hillary Clinton the winner,” says Dr. Grossman.

“She delivered the same message that she’s been delivering in person…whereas Donald Trump appeared to get off message somewhat frequently during the debate but I think he did still land the blows that he wanted to land.”

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