With Election Day less than two weeks away, Hillary Clinton holds a strong lead in the race for Michigan’s 16 electoral votes.

She leads a head-to-head race against Republican nominee Donald Trump by 8 points and a four-way match up by 7 points.

That’s according to a new poll commissioned by 6 News and media partners across the state. The EPIC MRA poll of 600 “active and likely” voters was taken between October 22-24 and has a margin of error of +/-4%.

In the one-on-one race, Clinton leads 45% to 37%. Her lead is slightly less than a survey taken three weeks ago, when Clinton lead 46% to 36%.

Two percent named Libertarian Gary Johnson and one percent named Green Party nominee Jill Stein, even though their names weren’t offered as options.

More than 1 out of every 7 voters (15%) either said they were undecided or refused to say who they’d support.

When Johnson and Stein are listed as options in the race, the numbers break down this way:

  • Clinton – 41%
  • Trump – 34%
  • Johnson – 9%
  • Stein – 3%

When compared to the survey taken three weeks ago, Clinton lost two points and Trump gained two. Johnson dropped a point and Stein remained steady.

That means 13% of Michigan voters are undecided, plan to vote for someone else, or refused to say who they’re voting for.

That could be because most voters still don’t have a favorable opinion of either candidate.

Only 40% of the people polled have a favorable view of Clinton. More than half (53%) have a unfavorable of her.

Trump’s scores are even worse. Less than a third (32%) of voters view him favorably, while 61% take a dim view of him.

Clinton’s numbers are largely unchanged from the last poll (40-52), while Trump’s numbers improved slightly from earlier this month (27-66).

Stay tuned to 6 News for continuing coverage of the race. We’ll also continue to break down the poll numbers throughout the day.