LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — While efforts have been made in Michigan to ban books and close libraries, a new survey reported that most Michiganders want a variety of books on library shelves.

Epic-MRA pollster Bernie Porn was asked by the Michigan Library Association to get an idea of the Michigan public’s thoughts on book banning and related issues.

Most people said they only want to books occasionally.

  • 42% of respondents want absolutely no book banning.
  • 45% would only want to ban books on rare occasions.
  • Only 9% said they support book banning.

“People love their libraries. They love their librarians. they have a trust level and I think that we knew there is this vocal minority, this very vocal minority at our school board and library board meetings and we’re pleasantly surprised that we have these great numbers,” said Debbie Mikula with the Michigan Library Association.

As for the content in books:

  • 90% felt that the slavery issue should not be banned.
  • 89% want race discussed.
  • 88% felt the historic criticism of U.S. policy was needed.
  • 67% wanted to keep books that discuss sexual issues.

“No person, no group should make any kind of sweeping decisions that take the process of careful consideration in choice away from the reader,” Mikula said.

The Library Association wants to make a variety of books available despite opposition.

While librarians “honor that”, Mikula contended that citizens should be open to different viewpoints.

Additionally, the survey indicated that 36% of Michiganians wanted to close some libraries, with 51% opposed.

Mikula finds that number concerning.

“That is a number where we have work to do,” she said.