Poll shows vast majority of Michiganders concerned about catching COVID, wear masks


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Two-thirds of Michiganders say they’re concerned about the coronavirus infecting them or a member of their family.

In a poll commissioned by WLNS-TV and our media partners of people across the state, a little more than a third (35%) said they were “extremely concerned” about catching COVID 19, and another third (32%) said they were “somewhat concerned”.

The remaining third of Michiganders said they were “only a little concerned” (22%) or “not concerned at all” (11%).

The high level of concern could be because a strong majority of those surveyed say they know someone who was diagnosed with COVID (55%) or who died from the disease (5%).

The remaining 40% said they did not know anyone who had caught the virus.

While two-thirds of Michiganders say they’re concerned about catching the virus, an even larger majority say they’re taking steps to avoid catching it.

Six out of seven of those asked (86%) say they “always” wear a mask when they leave their home to go shopping or to other enclosed buildings. Another 7% say they wear one “most of the time”.

That total (93%) could also be a function of state requirements, which order stores, shops, and other places of business to have employees wear masks and require them of customers.

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Just 2% of those asked say they only wear masks “some of the time”, while another 5% said they “seldom or never” wear a mask when out and about.

And while the coronavirus crisis has put millions of Michiganders out of work, the poll suggests the job loss hasn’t affected most households.

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Almost two-thirds of respondents (64%) say no one in their household lost a job or was laid off because of the pandemic.

Twelve percent said they had personally lost their job or been laid off. Another 24% said it affected at least one other person in their household.

The poll of 600 people by the Lansing firm EPIC MRA took place between September 10th and 15th and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%.

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