LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Delays, cancellations and extra spending can easily ruin travel plans. The big question many of us ask is what do you do if this happens?

Russell Reid is the President of Capital Area Travel Leaders and says being diligent is his first piece of advice.

The omicron variant is surging that several airlines were forced to cancel or delay flights in recent days. Officials are warning this might not only be a holiday problem.

“This is one of those strange things that’s happening because it’s COVID so it’s really not the traveler’s fault it’s certainly not the traveler’s fault, but it’s happening and it’s going to continue to happen,” said Reid.

There is more uncertainty than ever, travel insurance might provide some security for people who are looking to catch flights.

“When you leave your home state and or the country your insurance is greatly diminished, I’m talking about health insurance when you buy travel insurance it becomes your number one insurance for health. It’s like any other insurance. You insure your car, you insure your house, you insure your life, you should insure your vacation,” continued Reed.

Officials say it’s a good idea to ask your travel agent or airline what options you have should your flight be canceled.