JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—“I hope that they get it that they are so loved,” Said Founder of Together We Can Make a Difference, Wendy Wight.

Wight’s been filling the shelves of the Priceless Gift toy store in Jackson for 16 years.

“To just give back and just bless the kids. It’s awesome.”

Here parents in need can shop in a store filled with hundreds of toys, everything from dolls to toy trucks and stuffed animals. It’s all donated from organizations across Jackson.

“Schools and churches have found out about it and so it’s just huge a huge community event. I’ve got toys coming as far away as Chicago,” said Wight.

The need is growing due to the pandemic.

“Some people’s finances are different than they’ve ever been before.”

That’s why volunteers like Shari Walters — who’s been helping for seven years — are here almost every day, and what keeps her coming back every year is simple.

“The kids. You know. It’s really funny because you have parents who are so grateful that their kids are going to have a Christmas, and that’s what really makes us come back,” said Walters.

Adding it’s not just helping families in Jackson, it’s also made an impact in her own life.

My husband and I we have never had any children and so this is kind of a blessing.

Wight says seeing the community come together year after year gives her hope for the future.

“I really believe that this is a little sample of what heaven is going to look like because it doesn’t matter our ethnicity is doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor. It’s God’s people all coming together just to serve.

The store is currently looking for more volunteers. They say you can just show up. There is a link below for how you can get involved or make an appointment.