LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– A group of corrections officers working in a Michigan prison say they want one of their colleagues to resign, and accuse him of posting racist comments online.

The messages started spreading in June and officers at the Michigan Reformatory say they’re still waiting for their higher ups to do something about the situation.
A group of officers shared screenshots with 6 News. In them, a white officer wrote “Black people are lazy just my opinion,” and “I support ALL LIVES PERIOD” to another officer.

The author of the messages says these are false allegations and that he’s not a racist. He didn’t deny writing the comments, but says they were taken out of context.

His colleagues, who asked to stay anonymous, say not enough has been done to address the situation.

“He won’t send an apology, won’t give an apology out, he doesn’t look people in the eye,” one officer said. “It’s ridiculous.”

A spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) says the warden of that prison has talked to employees about what they post on social media, and that the department doesn’t condone racism at work or online.

You can read the full statement from MDOC here:

“We do not condone racism in any form, and using racist language, whether at work or online, is not consistent with the beliefs and mission of our department.

We take all such allegations seriously and look into them. We want all of our employees to feel safe and respected, as well as the offenders under our supervision. The department has sent out several messages to employees statewide in the wake of George Floyd’s murder reminding them to think about the impact their words have, including on social media. 

The warden at this prison, who is African American, has also talked with his employees about what they post on social media. These are matters the department takes very seriously.”