LANSING (WLNS) – While Michiganders are supposed to be staying home and social distancing, some are lining the streets outside of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s home.

They’re protesting Whitmer’s “Stay Home-Stay Safe” order.

Dozens of people lined up outside the home on Lansing’s near south side demanding that Michigan be opened back up.

They want to see the state get back to work and the way life way before the COVID-19 virus hit.

Wednesday, during Whitmer’s news conference, she said she will most likely extend the stay-at-home order, even if she relaxes some restrictions to re-open parts of the economy.

Event organizer Brandon Hall told 6 News, “We can’t go on like this.. it’s not acceptable.. if you saw last week businesses and families are hurting. They are about to bankrupt. I’ve never see Michigan like this.”

Hall claims the protest through the neighborhood is more personal than doing it at the Capitol and hopes it will get the group’s message across to the governor.

Other protesters, feel like their freedom has been taken away.

“I want people to stay home, that feel they need to stay home. Don’t tell me I think its my right to be out here.”

Others say, COVID-19 is just like the flu.

“Every year we lose tens of thousands of people to the flu and I think this is another strain..yes it is horrible and devastating.”said Theresa Johns, Protester.

Governor Whitmer reacted to the protest.

“I’ll just say this about the executive order, they weigh heavily on me. Michiganders are taking it seriously, because most of them aren’t out on my front lawn protesting like the guys out there today.”

Raw video of the protest can be seen below: