Public food pantry helping fight hunger in the Lansing area


There’s a new way to fight hunger.

It is designed to get people free food, quickly, and anonymously; It’s a trend popping up all around town.

They call them public pantries and they are set up around Lansing to provide food and other necessities to people in need.

“You can drop a couple of cans in the pantry and it will help maybe feed a family for a day.” said Martin Mashon, Co-Founder of ‘Punks with Lunch’ Lansing.

One thing that the public food pantry offers that you don’t get at a regular food bank is anonymity.

“There might be some people who are apprehensive about signing a piece of paper or putting their name on something. For a variety of reaons and were a non-judgmental group.” Mashon added.

The public food pantry is helping fill the gap regular food banks miss.
There are open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

“People can’t always get out of these food pantires that are spread across the city. This is local and if we do this, it encourages that village mentality.” said Mashon.

Martin says the food goes pretty fast and they are always looking for donations.

“Were looking for non-perishable food items.It has to be canned goods or packaged goods. Some people have put fresh vegetables in there and we keep a close eye on it, but were not encouraging it.” Mashon added.

The blue box looks like an old phone booth, but it has a lot more than just food.

“Feminine products are something really important that sometimes people can’t afford. Any other hygiene products you want to provide like toilet paper, shampoo and soaps.” said Mashon.

While providing the community with food, they’re also fulfilling one of their missions.

“How can we help? what is that step I can take? and that goes right along with one of our mission statements to encourage and inspire and motivate.” Mashon added.

This food pantry is located in front of ‘Everybody Reads, Books and Stuff’ on Michigan Ave in Lansing.

This is the first of many street pantries for ‘Punks with Lunch’, but there are many more in the Lansing area.

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