Recent Jackson shooting leaves parents concerned about gun violence


The shooting happened last night in the 1000 block of Jackson Street leaving a 14-year old boy shot in the leg.​ Another 14-year old was arrested for possession with the intent to deliver cocaine.​ For mother of three Cindy Hall, hearing the news that someone so young was shot hits close to home.

“It makes me scared for my kids to go outside. It makes me scared to want to go to the park, or any functions that they are having in town, and stuff around because we don’t know when someone is going to shoot, and when they are not going to shoot,” said Cindy Hall.

John Willis is the director of the Martin Luther King junior Center. He mentors young men in Jackson because this city has been his home his entire life. ​ John says, it starts with providing a light in dark corners through new programs.

“I’ve yet to meet a five, or six year old that tells me they want to grow up, and become a crack dealer, or they want to grow up to be in trouble, or on the streets in that type of way, but what we have to do is we have to make sure that light that’s burning inside of them, we find a way to keep that flame burning until it grows into something else,” said Willis.

For Cindy, she says it’s time for adults in the community to come together.

“We need the men in our community to help with the single parent moms. It takes a village to raise a community. We all need to come together. Lets stop letting social media stop tearing people a part. Quit letting politics, and all this other stuff tear us a part, and we need to start right here in our own communities,” said Hall.

The boy was treated at Henry Ford Allegiance Health where he has since been released.

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