LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A brand new bench, ringing in positivity, has been donated to the City of Lansing by the Lansing/East Lansing Chapter of The Links, Incorporated.

Mayor Andy Schor along with Paula D. Cunningham, the President of the organization dedicated the “PoSITivity Bench” on Friday, April 22.

The organization donated the bench in hopes of creating a positive and safe space for people to talk about issues that they face.

The bench is a part of the organization’s community service initiative that is spearheaded by the Central Area
of The Links, Incorporated, where Monica B. Allen, Chicago, Illinois (Windy City, IL Chapter), serves as Area Director.

“We are grateful to Mayor Schor and Parks and Recreation Director, Brett Kaschinske, for partnering with The Links to provide a suitable location to place the PoSITivity Bench. For the past 50 years, the women of the Lansing/East Lansing (MI) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated have been committed to advancing the quality of life for those in the Greater Lansing Area. We are a group of women who have established a legacy of outstanding leadership, diverse expertise, and unlimited abilities grounded in the power of partnerships with community stakeholders.

Paula D. Cunningham, President of the Lansing/East Lansing Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

Officials say The Lansing/East Lansing chapter’s PoSITivity Bench showcases the organization’s determination to help individuals, families and the community SIT alone or together and evaluate how to transform negative conversations about life events, into poSITive conversations.

The organization hopes that the time spent sitting on the bench will allow individuals the chance to reflect and speak with others on how to use resources in their life to help them through tough situations.

“Thank you to the incredible members of The Links for this contribution. This bench represents the best of our community. Sometimes, in a world of uncertainty, having a relaxing place to sit and chat can be incredibly helpful. The dedicated group of women involved in The Links truly understand the importance of this and their bench is a welcome addition to our riverfront.”

Mayor Andy Schor