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Rep. Slotkin visit attracts hundreds in East Lansing


EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS)– Democratic State Representative Elissa Slotkin stopped at the Grand Traverse Pie Company in East Lansing as part of her three-day tour in three different Michigan counties.

But a small pie and coffee shop was not big enough to hold the turnout that showed up.

“I was pretty startled when I walked in the door,” said Rep. Slotkin.

Hundreds of Slotkin supporters packed inside the Grand Traverse Pie Company. But outside, protesters carried signs that said “Impeach Slotkin” and challenging her decision to support an impeachment inquiry for President Donald Trump.

“Never did I want to be working on this as a first year member of congress,” said Rep. Slotkin.

She added it wasn’t an easy choice.

“I had to make a decision based on the rule of law and doing what I thought was right,” Rep. Slotkin said. “I acknowledge that impeachment inquiry is a really really tough thing for the nation. I did not do this lightly.”

Supporters say that they appreciate her attitude and seriousness about the inquiry.

“I support her cautious but determined direction to learn all that we need to learn and then let’s evaluate, I just really respect her thoughtfulness on this,” said Nancy Schwartz.

Protesters added that they want to see an election and choose for themselves.

A protester holds a sign saying “Impeach Slotkin” outside the Michigan congresswoman’s rally at the Grand Traverse Pie Company in East Lansing (Oct. 2, 2019)

“They should get to work in Washington, and let the people make their decision, November 2020,” said Norm Shinkle.

Slotkin said an election with President Trump is still possible.

“If they didn’t actually go to the head of a nation, and ask for dirt on a political opponent, if there was no quick pro-quo, show us then, have someone come and testify, produce documents, I’m open, I’m open, that’s why it’s an inquiry,” said Rep. Slotkin.

She added that this is different than any other investigation that’s came up.

“They didn’t admit it, they just talked about it openly. So that’s different than let’s say, the Mueller report, or any other investigation that’s come beforehand by any other committee. This is the president saying it himself,” said Rep. Slotkin.

And when asked if she thinks her decision will hurt her chances in 2020?

“I hope it’s not the end of my political career, but sometimes there are things that are more important,” said Rep. Slotkin.

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