RIVES TWP, Mich. (WLNS) – The Rives Township board voted on Monday to give its treasurer 30 days to pay back more than $10,000 after a review found she was paid too much money for some of the work she was doing.

Treasurer Janina Teske said she misinterpreted a 2021 board vote to pay her $20 per construction-related permit.

As a result, she charged the township for processing hundreds of additional forms when she should not have for more than three years.

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The report found March 16, 2021, to February 26, 2023, the township filed 20 new address registrations and 203 contractor registrations along with 652 construction permits, but she was never supposed to be paid for processing the address or contractor registrations.

As a result, officials estimated she was overpaid $10,900.

Teske said everything was an honest mistake and if there were duplicate permits filed they were caught soon after.

A motion to have the Michigan State Police investigate was voted down by half of the board, including Teske and the Township Supervisor, Jerry Adams.

Outbursts from people in the crowd questioned if Teske could vote on the motion, leading to Adams calling the police.

The township attorney said voting on the motions was up to Teske’s discretion.

The meeting resumed with a passing motion to have Tesla pay back the thousands of dollars.

Teske called the motion “unreasonable”.

“Is that reasonable on your end?” asked Adams

“It’s not reasonable,” said Teske.

Adams then asked if the payment is doable which Teske replied with a yes after a long pause.

Vercila Hart, one of the residents who called for the investigation said she’s glad the money will be coming back to the township.

“I’m happy that the money’s being paid back because that’s what I asked to have her do and I think we need to have motions more specific on what she’s paid for and what’s covered in those motions,” said Hart.

Michigan State Police confirmed there is an investigation on possible forgery and misconduct but did not say who was the target of the investigation.

The township attorney, Victor Lillich, said the investigation is pertaining to a previous township clerk and is not related to Teske.

The township will have another meeting to clarify what the treasurer can be paid, for as well as vote for a new clerk. That position has been vacant recently after the previous clerk tried to resign earlier this spring but was made to stay on the board until after the May elections.