LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Michigan is trying to play catch-up with 20 other states that are already taxing electric vehicles to raise more money to fix the roads.

If you took a poll of drivers who drive gas cars, most would probably say it’s unfair that the EV owners are not helping to raise road repair dollars.

The owners are paying a higher car registration fee, but it’s still not quite equal.

“While they are paying a surcharge, it does not equate to what they would pay in the gas tax,” said Lance Binoniemi, a roadbuilding lobbyist.

That’s why the road building lobby and Detroit car manufacturers are asking lawmakers to pass a $5 million pilot program to collect more money from EV drivers as Michigan is playing catch up with 20 other states.

The proposal would collect money based on miles driven. You drive more, you pay more; you drive less, you pay less.  

It’s called the VMT, or vehicle miles traveled tax.

“We think we should at least study the VMT program in Michigan. Get the citizens aware of what it is,” Binoniemi said. “Have it shown how it works and we want it to be fair and equitable.”

With about 20,000 EVs on the road in the state, revenue from the gas tax to fix the roads is decreasing and it will only get worse as more drivers plug in instead of filling up.

Road builders will know by the end of the month if the folks in Lansing will create a pilot, or do nothing.