‘School of Rock’ opens their doors here in Mid-Michigan


You may remember the movie ‘School of Rock’ with Jack Black.

The school is opening it’s doors right here in Mid-Michigan.

“The movie is just like what we do, we teach the students in a private setting. Put them in a band and get them to perform.” said Jon Jackinchuk

This school gives students of all ages, the Rock N’ Roll experience.

That includes guitar, drums, piano and singing at center stage.

“We do music lessons differently. We teach private lessons, but we also put our students into a group setting.” said

Here you learn a lot of things, you can’t find in a typical classroom.

“It gives the kids confidence to be on stage, to be in front of a group and perform skills they are going to need in life.”

For kids who are not into sports, it shows them how to be a team player.

“It teaches them how to work with others..it teaches them to work towards a common goal..how to help them support their teammates”

“Music is so important in our lives and were keeping it alive through the school..through teaching others.”

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