UPDATE: Second Lansing apartment complex tagged by city; residents have questions


A second apartment complex in Lansing has been tagged by city inspectors for not being up to code.

Capitol Village apartments on East Edgewood Avenue in Lansing received this pink slip pictured above today telling them they needed to vacate by January 31st. 

Autumn Ridge Apartments received the same notice yesterday.

Lansing City officials tells 6 News there are roughly 250 apartments in this unit. 

Monday 6 News updated the situation with residents of the Autumn Ridge apartments where city inspectors had tagged building for not meeting code requirements.

The apartment complexes are owned by the same person.

More pink notices, pop up on doors across Lansing today.

Hundreds of people are worried they might have to find a new home.

A second apartment complex in Lansing, served notices from the city.

This time people who live at Capital Village on East Edgewood Blvd, the pink tag on the doors.


Carlos has only lived in Capital Village apartments for 3 months.

Now is scared and panicked for his family.

“I always put my family first and then trusting into this complex, you know has wavered it.” Said Carlos Arambula, Resident.

Carlos adds, he feels duped.

“They said when i first moved in, this is a good place to stay to live. It seems like its a 180 turn.” said Carlos.

6 News spoke with Mayor Andy Schor, who says they put the notices up to let people know the complex is not up to code.

“Apartments need to be up to code, otherwise you risk problems.There is always someone who is going to be unhappy. What we care about is making sure tenants are living in a property that is up to code.” Said Mayor Andy Schor, City of Lansing.

The code enforcement manager for the city, Scott Sanford.

The complex has permit issues, structural problems, and missing smoke detectors.

Those are just a few of the problems.

If they aren’t in compliance by January 31st.

“Were going to issue a code order compliance ticket. Which is a municipal civil infraction and they will go in front of a judge and explain why.” Said Scott Sanford, Manager for Code Enforcement.

Carlos hopes he can still have a home for his family.

“I would prefer the leasing office is more interactive with the tenants and at least let us know what is going on and have an update.” Carlos added.

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