JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—Sisters Monique Zantop and Tia Parker used to be foster parents for years. It’s during that time where they found gaps in the system that needed to be filled.

“Just lack of resources for foster parents. Sometimes foster parents don’t qualify to use other resources that are for low-income families or families who are trying to acquire items like clothing or shoes,” said CEO of BirthBrite, Monique Zantop.

So they started their own foster closet. It’s a space that started in their garage. Now, they’re ready to allow foster parents and kids to shop for items like clothing, toys, hygiene products, and school supplies—anything they need to get started.

“We hope that it gives them confidence, and lets them know that we care,” said COO of Birthbrite, Tia Parker. “That there’s a community of people right here that cares about you and they don’t have to know who you are, but that there are adults that care, your foster parents care, your local organizations care and we want them to feel good.”

So far they’ve served hundreds of families but they say the need continues to grow. That’s why today they teamed up with leaders in the Jackson community like Rick Walton who are helping lead a drive to get more supplies in the hands of both sisters, so they can help even more families.

“A lot of these foster care kids don’t know where they are going. Don’t have anything. Everything they own is in a bag and I think that we just need to step up,” said CEO of The Walton Insurance Group in Jackson, Rick Walton.

Zantop says, despite the sometimes long days seeing the impact they are making on families in Jackson makes it all worth it.

“Being able to just be a part of making someone’s day. It’s really the small things that make a difference and we just really want to keep that in mind that every little thing that we do is making an impact in some way.”

If you’re interested in donating new or ‘like new’ items we have a link below.