Since 2015 the anti-gun group “Moms Demand Action” has been asking the Republican legislature to pass legislation to keep weapons out of the hands of those convicted on domestic violence charges.

But so far the legislation has not moved.  

Today the Moms, and some Dads, were back at the Capitol.

Skubick: “On a scale of one to ten how frustrated are you with not getting this legislation?”

Carolyn Kolleth: “I would say nine and a half.”

The assignment was to lobby lawmakers for a “yes” vote on the so-called red flag legislation to ban gun ownership for those convicted of domestic violence.

Emily Durbin of Moms Demand Action explains, “Five women who have abusive partners are five times more likely to be killed by that partner then if that partner does not have a gun. So women and children are at risk everyday in Michigan.”

Those moms, children and some dads are back for the fifth time to push this legislation.

And while the group reports it has grass roots support, that, so far, has not translated into votes in the House Judiciary Committee.

Republican Representative Michele Hoitenga sits on that committee. A gun owner herself, she is voting “no”.

Rep. Hoetenga: “We have a thing called due process and we have to make sure due process is respected in the constitution.”

Skubick: “They say there is due process in this proposal.”

Rep. Hoitenga: “I have yet to read a piece of red flag legislation that I would support.”

There is a federal law to ban gun ownership by domestic violence criminals.

But there is no state law.

Protestor Carolyn Kolleth wants to call her local police for help, not some hard to get federal judge. “So that way I can call my local police department and say we’ve got a really big problem and I can get the help that I need. It’s going to save lives.”

But the chair of the House Judiciary committee has given no indication that he is going to send this measure to the floor. So if DeWitt Republican Rep. Graham Filler won’t budge, Durbin claims, “if he doesn’t budge, we’ll keep nudging and pushing.”

The governor supports this measure, but with the NRA controlling lots of votes, it would be a surprise if the folks get want the want this year.