Skubick: Budget impasse remains as legislative calendar winds down


State lawmakers, after a two-week-plus break, return to the Capitol tomorrow facing the same budget impasse they left behind.  

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is making her first public comments on that and she reacts to negative remarks from the Senate Republican leader aimed at her.

About two dozen lawmakers went hunting during the break and all state officials took time off for a turkey dinner.

But was any progress made in the interim on the budget impasse?

Skubick: “Have you had any discussions with the leaders on the budget?”

Gov. Whitmer: “No.”

Skubick: “Have they made any overtures to you on resolving this?”

Gov. Whitmer: “No.”

So much for that.

The governor does report she talked a little bit to the House Republican Speaker but..

“We didn’t dive deep into the details on the budget,” admits the governor.

The governor has had no verbal contact with Senate Republican leader Mike Shirkey, who during the break used derogatory terms to describe the governor and Democrats as “(expletive deleted) crazy”.

“I’m sad to see this kind of rhetoric that’s been used,” said Gov. Whitmer. “Unfortunately, I think it mirrors the rhetoric we are seeing in Washington D.C.. I ran against that and I’m not going to return in-kind.”

Sen. Mike Shirkey apologized to the governor and the governor says he did not do it in person, or with a note, but with a text message.

Gov. Whitmer explained, “It was an apologetic text message totally out of context so that’s how he communicated.”

The governor remains hopeful the budget impasse is resolved in the nine days left in the current session. But she adds… ” it’s a challenge.”

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