Skubick: Bye-bye bi-partisan budget


The bi-partisan cooperation that the governor and the two Republican leaders have been working on shows signs of evaporating.  

Republicans are now running their own budget without the governor’s input and the governor is blaming the Republicans for offering a phony solution.  

Ah yes..those idyllic days at the first of the year when the Democratic governor and the two Republican leaders were all smiles over the prospect of working together on state issues.

VO shot of whitmer and leaders on the island at no fault bill signing..make sure all three are in the picture

And it worked on no-fault car insurance but that was then and this is now.

“This phony game saying this is fixing the roads with one-time money. It’s not going to cut it,” said Gov. Whitmer.

The Senate Republican leader and the House Republican Speaker are ignoring the governor’s input on the new state budget.

The governor ended budget negotiations when the Republicans offered an additional $500 million for the roads.

Sen. Mike Shirkey says using money from the state’s checkbook, the General Fund, is the way to go.

“We should also put as much money as we can in something that’s the highest priority in Michigan,” claims the senator.

Skubick: “They’re going to say you had a chance to spend $500M on the roads and you didn’t do it.”

Gov. Whitmer: “The fact is we have a $2.5 billion problem. The only money this party put on the table was $300 million. $300 million of a $2.5 billion problem? That’s 35 miles of four-lane roads. That’s a joke.”

Republican state representative Jason Sheppard counters the governor should take the money if she really wants to fix the roads.

“I find it very inconsistent but I also know the ultimate plan of hers is to raise taxes and not reprioritize budget items,” insists Rep. Sheppard.

The governor is optimistic  but she has a veto pen if she doesn’t like what the Republicans do on the budget.

“They gotta do what they gotta do and I gotta do what I gotta do. We’ll see,” concludes the governor.

And by October first, we will see.

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