Skubick: Candidate conduct could be a key in Detroit debates


One of the elements Michigan voters will be looking for tonight in the first of two Democratic debates for president is how the candidate conduct themselves with each other.  

Polling data suggests those candidates should be civil.

Based on the polling data, a bunch of viewers do not want to hear and see onstage drama.

The news media loves the bickering onstage as candidates go after each other, but 69% of those survey believed in the last five years Americans have not been civil and 40% of those folks blame President Trump for creating that conduct.

But for the lower tier candidates they need to do something to get attention and going on the attack is one way to do that but if the polls are correct the strategy might back fire with voters.

Voters are interested in issues and in Michigan, Democrats could make some political hay by addressing some of the president’s signature issues

By a 57%-39% margin, voters oppose the president’s proposed border wall.

On the president’s federal tax cut package 48% report no change in their tax savings.

And, while the president does not believe in climate change, 65% in the Detroit Chamber of Commerce poll believe climate change will damage the Great Lakes.

The more progressive Democrats want to get rid of private insurance and implement Medicare for everyone but by a 52%-37% margin Michigan voters oppose that.

The Trump campaign has boots on the ground in Detroit and they’re ready to fire back.

“These are leftish progressives that want to take away our employer insurance and yet give coverage to illegal immigrants,” explained Kayleigh McEnany from the Trump campaign. “It’s a radical losing formula.”

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