Skubick: Commission considers options on allowing guns in Capitol building


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – There are developments today on how much it would cost to ban all weapons in the state Capitol building.

The State Capitol Commission is considering the issue of should guns continue to be allowed in the Capitol.

There are currently three options on the table:

Guns in Capitol?

(1) Do Nothing, which would continue to allow weapons in the building

(2) Ban Long Guns

(3) Total Ban All Guns

If the Commission votes to ban all weapons, and there is no indication that that will happen, there is a cost for metal detectors and x-ray machines much like you see at your airport.

And much like the TSA, the state would have to hire five employees to operate these checkpoints in the Capitol.  

The total cost runs from $500,000  and $1.3 million.

With the state facing a whopping $3 billion deficit, it’s questionable if the Republican legislature would approve that expenditure.  However, support of a total ban could explore other ways to raise those funds.

Some lawmakers have talked about banning weapons in the House and Senate galleries but House Republican Speaker Lee Chatfield does not favor that or, for that matter, a ban on all weapons in the building.

Skubick: “Is there a possibility of banning weapons in the gallery?”

Rep. Chatfield: “I don’t want to restrict the right of the people to keep and bear arms and that applies to the entire Capitol.”

Minus the money to keep the weapons out of the building, at this read it looks like the status quo is a real possibility with the final decision to come from the Capitol Commission in another month or so.

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