Skubick: Critics respond to rock star’s take on pot perils


The coaltion pushing a “yes” vote on Proposal One, legalized pot, is pushing back on the comments from rock and roll singer Ted Nugent suggesting that marijuana is a gateway drug and it is not a victimless crime.  

Rock and roll performers and smoking pot have been the mainstay of showbiz for years, except when it comes to Ted Nugent.

He’s not a pot smoker and is voting “no” on Proposal One to legalize pot.

A rock and roll singer who doesn’t smoke pot?

Josh Hovey of the Pro-Pot coalition says, “Shocking right?  Ya know, you gotta love Ted Nugent but on this he is dead wrong.”

Mr. Nugent tells reporters he is dead right and has seen the dead bodies to prove it.

“I have witnessed the destruction pot has done to very talented persons and turned them into mumbling and stumbling idiots and most of which ended up dead because they were high,” insists Nugent.

“Ted’s hilarious,” counters Hovey. “There’s not a single person that has ever overdosed from marijuana.”

Mr. Nugent argues pot is a gateway drug.

“I’m sorry but all research from the public health sector shows it is not a gateway drug,” retorts Hovey.

And for Mr. Nugent’s eyewitness accounts: Mr. Hovey has his own eyewitnesses.

“I would take the governors of Colorado and Washington as eyewitnesses to the success,” says Hovey. “Both were skeptical but now legalizing pot they think has worked.”

The voters will decided which side is right as proposal one appears on the statewide ballot Nov. 6.

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