Skubick: Electric car concern, could eliminate UAW jobs


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Two Democratic U.S. Senators are applauding the billions of new federal dollars that will be flowing into the state, assuming the Congress passes the President’s trillion dollar infrastructure package.

But, there is some concern that the electric car element in the package could eliminate some UAW jobs.

The 8 billion dollars for road and infrastructure repairs is getting all the headlines, but tucked away in the package is an aggressive move away from gas driven to electric powered vehicles.

Here’s the UAW concern- there are more parts in the traditional combustable engine than there are in the electric vehicles and therefore you could need fewer workers to assembly the EV’s.

The president says he will address that issue

During a media briefing, Michigan’s two U.S. Senators were asked if they would replace those lost jobs…

“There are going to be jobs created by these future vehicles”, said Senator Gary Peters

“Will you replace them one for one.. one job for every job lost?” asked Skubick.

“I hope we can do more than that”, said Senator Debbie Stabenow. “I don’t know. What do you think Gary?”

“Absolutely”, said Peters. “We will try to do that.”

So what could happen is you’ll still have the job but instead of working on a piston in the internal combustion engine, you may be working on advanced sensors and cameras placed in those cars. It will still take workers and labor to do that.

But this conservative GOP lawmaker dismisses all this is just playing to the liberal base of the Democratic party.

“So electric vehicles are more polluting of the environment than traditional gasoline powered or diesel vehicles. All your’e going to do is increase the cost of electricity with zero impact on climate and its going to make it worse”, said Michigan Representative Beau LaFave

“It just makes leftist liberals feel good about their choices”, continues LaFave.

Meanwhile, the President’s package includes tax incentives to slice $12,500 off the sticker price of the electric car, and pay for more charging stations across the country.

Senator Stabenow says it will be done without tax the average citizen but billionaires instead,

“We can pay for that and will by first making sure that millionaires and billionaires are paying their fair share. Some republicans claim that is a tax increase. I don’t call it a tax hike when we are asking a billionaire to anymore than zero.”

The Senators hope the program clears the Senate this week and then its onto the House.

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